Another review is going down today and this one is about the Loupedeck + I’ll be the first to say that I am someone who loves technology. I am always down to try something new to see if it will make me more efficient. If you have known me for some time than you know […]

Editing Tips

Loupedeck Plus Review

When editing weddings and portraits we all know that consistency is key for our wedding photographers.

BUT I always had a hard time checking for editing consistency in Lightroom. Sure you can use the survey mode or the library module. However, for me, when the images are not right up next to each other those small details can be so easy to miss!   

What I really needed was something similar to Pass or Pixieset to get a good bird’s eye view of everything. Apparently you guys needed this too!

Editing Tips

How to Simulate a Pass or Pixieset Gallery in Lightroom

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