If you’re ready to create more space in your business and your life to pursue connection and peace, this is for you.

Better quality in less time.


If you’re ready to create more space in your business and your life to pursue connection and peace, this is for you.

Better Quality In Less Time.


You’re busy trying to balance the demands of running a business, traveling for back-to-back weddings, staying up late to meet client deadlines, responding to new inquiries, and somehow maintaining healthy relationships with your friends and family. 

We get it. The demands are high and the first things to go are often your creative vision and your personal wellness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

You need the support of a team of professional editors solely dedicated to curating and editing your client photo galleries to perfection. With Called To More by your side, you can finally get back to pursuing a healthy work-life balance.

(Believe me, we’ve seen the backend and it’s not pretty.)

Passing your images off to big box editing companies just isn’t going to cut it.

Truth bomb:

Perfect. I want details!

The Creative Director package gives you next-level access to our team. Not only will you be connected with a dedicated senior editor to edit your images in your style, your way, they can cull your gallery to select the best images for your clients and do advanced edits. Anchor Images are also not required. How’s that for freeing up your time?!

How is this different from your Private Photo Editing Service?


Your Creative Director is a photography professional who will become your new right-hand-woman when it comes to editing your client’s photos. After meeting your editor to discuss your editing style and personal aesthetic, your Creative Director will take over the editing process from start to finish. Yup, that’s right. 

After a long weekend capturing every intimate moment and picture-perfect memory, all you have to do is hand over your session and you can rest easy knowing Called To More is curating and editing only the best images in your gallery.

Our Creative Director package is the next best thing.

Ever wish you could clone yourself to get it all done?

Trusted By:

Meivys Suarez

Our business provides wedding, lifestyle, and branding photography so we are shooting different styles of images all the time and our editor at Called To More is able to handle every type of session.

At the beginning I was so hesitant to outsource editing because I felt like I was the only one who could edit the way my clients like. After a few sessions, our senior editor knew all my picky habits and got so close to my editing style that it saves me hours and hours of work every week! Now, I just edit a few images, send over my Lightroom Catalog, then receive the edited images and make a few tweaks before sending them off to my client.

Aside from consistent editing, Called To More has given me the most priceless thing of all—more time to spend with my husband and baby.”

“If you’re worried about finding someone to love, care for, and be as passionate about your images and your business as you are, look no further.

Take me to it!

Looking for our private photo editor service instead?

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Optional culling available at $0.08 per image
Average client spends $650 per wedding. 
Portrait galleries of 120 images or less are $60.

$0.49 per image for editing


Anchor images not required

Ongoing relationship with a senior private photo editor

Planned delivery with editing appointments

Camera timestamp corrections

Custom client portal

 10-12 business day turnaround time with FastPass available for rapid delivery

Quarterly style check-in meetings

Culling wedding and/or portrait session (optional)

Up to 1 Lightroom local adjustment or masking per image as needed

Creative Director


Frequently Asked Q’s

After we have a conversation about your vision, preferences, and aesthetic, you can provide your editor with a few Vision Images so they can get a closer look at your style. We will also set quarterly style check-in meetings so we touch base and make sure we’re staying aligned on the quality of work you want to deliver to your clients. From there, your editor will work to apply your style across the gallery.

Yes! Our Creative Director package is the ultimate time saver for photographers. Once you’ve finished photographing a wedding or a portrait session, simply send over a Lightroom Catalog with all your images and your senior editor will get to work right away. 

No problem! Culling is an add-on service so if you just need an editor to provide advanced edits and local adjustments, this package is perfect for you. 

We believe that building long-lasting relationships and cultivating trust with a single senior editor is one of the best ways for your editor to mirror your style truly and to ensure your images are edited consistently in every gallery you deliver to your clients. 

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a la carte pricing for ad hoc local edits. Because local edits are a more specialized service, we make sure to pair you up with a senior editor who has the skills and expertise to make sure every image is perfectly attuned to your vision and style. If you think you may occasionally need local adjustments, I recommend making these changes after your editor has delivered your completed Lightroom Catalog. This way you can spend just a few moments to finalize your gallery and save on the added cost! If you don’t think you’ll need local adjustments, then the Private Editor Package may be the perfect fit for your needs!

The average investment is $650 per wedding (of course, this depends on the size of the wedding. If you want to know your exact cost, find out HERE.) and portrait galleries of 120 images or less are $60. Of course, pricing can vary depending on the number of images in a gallery , so if you want to get an exact estimate, check out our pricing calculator HERE. The average investment includes the work completed by your editor to cull and curate a cohesive gallery and edit each remaining image according to your preferences. 

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Let us help you get there by outsourcing your photo editing, and experience greater freedom and flexibility in your business.

You were 
called to more

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Let us help you get there by outsourcing your photo editing, and experience greater freedom and flexibility in your business.

You were 
called to more

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