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Now that you know all about us, we’ll answer an essential question: why choose us? You’ll discover why we’re the right photo editing team for your business!

Why choose us?


Discover what a style consult is and how we use it to nail your editing style. Learn about your client portal, how to schedule editing appointments that match up with your session dates, and get a peek inside a year of working with us as a client. You’ll learn what happens next after listening to this podcast– from client application to signing your contract, and beyond.

Our onboarding process + what’s next


I’m breaking down the difference between our Private Photo Editor and Creative Director packages so you can see which one will be the best fit for you.

Which service offering is right for you?


Discover if you’re ready to bring on a team member and the responsibilities of photographer and editor when working together.

How to know you’re ready to outsource photo editing


In this episode, you’ll be introduced to me and discover my background, professional journey, why I started Called To More, and all about our mission to free photographers from burnout!

All about our founder Kristen Neiditch


A Look Inside The Podcast

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