When starting my editing business, I tried every method possible to gain clients so I could go full time with my business.

Some of those strategies have been super successful and allowed me to gain clients QUICKLY.

But there were definitely things I did early on in my business that were holding me back from gaining clients. Had I known these mistakes starting out well, I probably would have left my 9-5 much faster. 

The same thing is true for you! 

You can take your private photo editing business full time. Pinky promise.

Today I want to make sure you are not following in my early years of business. As I type this I hope this is almost a letter to my younger self. If you are reading this, I image it is because you haven’t quite yet reached your full time goal. 

That’s okay! Because today we are going to talk about why that could be happening.

There are 5 common mistakes I see over and over again. These mistakes are holding you back from achieving your goals! You might not be making all of them, but I’ll walk you through why they are hurting your business and how to fix it!

Becoming An Editor

5 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Private Photo Editing Business 

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